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Дженнифер Гарнер

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Jennifer Garner

Дата рождения:
17 апрель 1972
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While landing a guest spot on a hit television series would be a welcome event for most up-and-coming actresses, Jennifer Garner's brief run on Felicity proved especially fortunate for her -- thanks to her appearance on Felicity, she met her future husband, and the producer who would cast her in the leading role of the successful action/adventure series Alias. Jennifer Garner was born in Houston, TX, in 1972; when she was very young, her family relocated to Charleston, WV, where she grew up. Garner was the second of three daughters, and early on developed an interest in ballet. After graduating from George Washington High School in Charleston, Garner attended Denison University in Granville, OH, where she became interested in drama, and eventually received a degree in theater. After college, Garner moved to New York and began auditioning for stage roles, landing her first part only a month after arriving in town in 1995 as an understudy in the Broadway production of A Month in the Country. Later that same year, Garner moved to Los Angeles, and began working in television, making her screen debut in the made-for-TV movie Zoya. Over the next two years, Garner landed guest roles on several television shows, including Spin City and Law and Order, and small parts in several motion pictures, among them Deconstructing Harry, In Harm's Way, and Mr. Magoo. 1998 found Garner cast as the female lead on the short-lived Fox drama Significant Others; while the show only aired for a little over a month, Garner fared much better with a showy recurring role on Felicity, where she played Hannah, the former girlfriend of Noel Crane, played by Scott Foley. While Garner claims she had to go through five rounds of auditions before she was given the role, she certainly made an impression on co-star Foley; they soon began dating, and were married in the fall of 2000. Garner's work on Felicity helped win her a major supporting role on the television series Time of Your Life, a spin-off from Party of Five starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. The heavily promoted series was a ratings disappointment, but Garner received enthusiastic notices, and began winning film roles in high-profile projects such as Pearl Harbor and Dude, Where's My Car? In 2000, J.J. Abrams, who produced Felicity, was preparing a new series for ABC about a female CIA agent living a triple life as a spy posing as a college student, who is posing as a bank employee. Abrams remembered Garner's impressive performance as Hannah, and cast her as Sydney Bristow in Alias. The show quickly became a success, earning respectable ratings, strong reviews, and a devoted fan following who tuned in each week to see Garner beat up bad guys and don an impressive collection of slinky outfits. That same year, Garner also appeared opposite her husband, Foley, in a supporting role in the independent drama Rennie's Landing. Parlaying her newfound action hero status over to the big screen, Garner could next be seen as the mysterious and powerful Elektra.


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Александр и ужасный, кошмарный, нехороший, очень плохой день Комедия, Семейный 2014 США
Артур. Идеальный миллионер Комедия 2011 США
Во всем виноват енот Драма 2016 США
Второй шанс Драма, Комедия, Музыкальный 2015 США
Где моя тачка, чувак? Комедия 2000 США
Далласский клуб покупателей Драма, Биография 2013 США
Девять жизней Фэнтези, Комедия, Семейный 2016 Франция, Китай
День драфта Драма, Спорт 2014 США
День Святого Валентина Комедия, Мелодрама 2010 США
Из 13 в 30 Комедия 2004 США
Изобретение лжи Комедия, Мелодрама, Фэнтези 2009 США
Как по маслу Комедия 2011 США
Королевство Боевик, Военный, Драма, Триллер 2007 США
Мужчины, женщины и дети Драма, Комедия 2014 США
Паутина Шарлотты Комедия, Семейный 2006 Нет
Перл Харбор Экшн, Военный, Мелодрама 2001 США
Поймай и отпусти Драма, Комедия, Мелодрама 2006 США
Призраки бывших подружек Комедия 2009 США
Сорвиголова Фантастика, Боевик 2002 США
Странная жизнь Тимоти Грина Фэнтези, Драма, Комедия 2012 США
Чудеса с небес Драма 2016 США
Шпионка (Сезон 1) Боевик, Драма, Приключения, Триллер, Фантастика, Детектив 2001 США
Шпионка (Сезон 2) Боевик, Триллер, Драма, Детектив, Приключения 2002 США
Шпионка (Сезон 3) Боевик, Триллер, Драма, Детектив, Приключения 2003 США
Шпионка (Сезон 4) Боевик, Триллер, Драма, Детектив, Приключения 2005 США
Шпионка (Сезон 5) Боевик, Триллер, Драма, Детектив, Приключения 2005 США
Электра Экшн 2005 США

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