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Марианн Жан-Баптист

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Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Дата рождения:
11 ноябрь 1967
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Marianne Jean-Baptiste's brilliantly calm performance as the illegitimate daughter of a white mother in Mike Leigh's Secrets and Lies earned her an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress in 1996; making her the first black British person to be nominated for the award.
But the film roles did not exactly come rolling in, and when Jean-Baptiste was excluded from a group of young British actors invited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival she led a blistering attack on the not so latent racism present in the British film industry.
Since then the acclaimed actress, who is also a playwright and blues singer, has been working mostly in America in such films as Mr Jealousy (1997), The 24 Hour Woman (1999) and The Cell (2000).


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